May 10 2011

Sunshine Friends

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I’m A Retarded Idiot
And I Only Have
Sunshine Friends

See hear, I thought I hav a lot o friends,
They real nice when I run into them,
say hello, how you doin
I ofer to do them lotsa favors
Like take out they garbage
an be a clown at they kids party’s
they say thanx and how can we repay you,
you need anything just let us know, they says
its real nice to have so many friends
so when things go bad for me I can ask em
an they says yes and I says thanx,
but then something else comes up,
an they can’ts bail me out,
don’t think its an excuse, they says, but we got alot of problems oursefs, they says,
an I beleives them, they good people,
when I get outa trouble I’ll be their
to help em out jus like I always hav
some people says I only got sunshine friends,
not real friends, real friends be different
than sunshine friends.
Maybe if I wadn’t a retarded idiot,
I’d know the difference.

© 2001 Will Barrett

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