Jul 29 2010

That First Kiss

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only yesterday it seems
we sat in this same circle
pimply face kids
eager to explore
every facet of love
that first kiss
still something to lose sleep over

parents ourselves now
we gaze back and forth
each in turn wondering
how the years escaped us
a little heavier on the outside
faces long clear of acne
showing the first lines of aging
and hidden between them
the scars of failed romance
some old
others not long in healing

over a glass of something
now all too easily taken for granted
we laugh
we dance
and flirt
cautiously optimistic
that first kiss
will still keep us awake

© Chris Sorrenti

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One Response to “That First Kiss”

  1. jay schiffreson 09 Jul 2017 at 7:00 am

    Business as Usual ©2017 Js

    Message on my desktop
    Took me aback
    “Here on a business Trip
    Looking for a Date”
    40 billion people
    Of every persuasion
    Having conversations
    About this and that
    Bugs, war and crap
    And here comes a summons
    From the pornographic slums
    Beckoning us
    Drop everything
    And run
    To grant this lovely person
    A reply to a plea
    That may interest some
    But not me
    Should I really care
    For this photographic
    Should I reply
    No ! not me
    I travel a road
    Less traveled
    Through our history
    And I’m really not looking
    To make your business mine
    Using an electric megaphone
    Is certainly freedom of speech
    But please get off my desktop
    And please let it be

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