Oct 08 2018

You Reap What You Sow

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I’ve never had this feeling,
So sane and yet so sorrow,
And I know deep down inside, I
Will be alright tomorrow,
I wonder where the time went,
It’s few and far between,
Somewhere on the fences,
Of our home of broken dreams,
You said, “forever always,”
But you never played it’s part,
Unless the part you played was,
To rip apart my heart.
So I sit here looking back,
And I wonder what went wrong,
So you didn’t like our house?
So you felt you don’t belong?
I wish that was the truth,
But truth don’t have no fame,
The truth is you are ruthless,
And that— Family is not your game,
I wish you knew what mattered,
But all you do is think of you,
And what about the foundation,
What about the glue?
These things just do not matter,
You will get them from a foe,
You have the power of hate in you,
And you will reap in what you sow.

This post was submitted by Dennis.

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