Sep 02 2013

21 To Sieze The Day

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I sit here and I tell myself,
That this is who I am,
That I can’t escape my mental health,
But deep down I know I can,

And I repeat this process serval times,
Until I try to break away,
Imprisoned by my selfish rhymes,
Stuck at 21 to seize the day.

But I fear that I will only get colder,
I fear I’ll never be,
The man I thought I’d be growing older,
The man in the mirror that I used to see,

And who is this monster that I’ve become?
This man who has no care?
Who doesn’t want to be someone,
Content with going nowhere.

I tell myself – I’ll never love again,
But at this time I really mean it,
I only love what i write with this pen,
Even though no one has seen it,

So I stick to one night stands,
In an attempt to ease the pain,
Holding on to broken strands,
Loving my life of vain,

Cause it’s 21 to seize the day,
No weight of the world on my shoulders,
But It’s 29 – With shades of gray,
And my days are growing colder.
-Dennis Mayer

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One Response to “21 To Sieze The Day”

  1. pixieon 04 Sep 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Your work is magnificent, as always. I find that I tend to get stuck on certain words and phrases after reading your poetry – they seem to just linger in my mind for what feels like ages before I feel I can fully understand the potency behind certain such lines.
    I’ve probably been reading this poem over and over again for the past hour, and still I feel there is more of it that I need to discover. You’ve left me with a longing for a deeper understanding, and a more refined way of expression.
    Your words are so simple, somehow, but strung together they almost leave me breathlessly waiting for something that… something that I’m dreading.
    My apologies if nothing I wrote above makes any sense. Your poetry does usually leave me feeling quite unsophisticated in way of communication.
    Fantastic work. Absolutely brilliant.

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