Aug 31 2014

a beat of the heart

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A knock on the door,
Like a beat of the heart,
I let you in,
You play the part,
You play it so good,
I believe that it’s real,
I lose control,
I begin to feel,
I tell you I love you,
You say it back,
I fall ever downward–
A heart attack,
I fall and I fall,
Till I can’t fall no more,
Stuck in your love,
With no self control,
And then you are gone,
Like a love cast away,
Washed up on the shores,
Of yesterday,
Just a slam of the door,
Like a rip in the heart,
Broken and torn,
Torn apart.

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2 Responses to “a beat of the heart”

  1. pixieon 08 Oct 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Amazingly well written.

    Loved these lines in particular:
    “Washed up on the shores,
    Of yesterday.”

    I also like the contrast you created in the beginning of your first and last quatrains:
    i.e. “A knock on the door,” vs. “Just a slam of the door,”

    Fantastic work, although brutally painful to relate to when you’ve been through the same thing.

  2. Sueon 29 Oct 2016 at 3:54 pm


    This poem spoke to me and I thank you for sharing. So easy to read in it’s simplicity, evoking feelings from the heart, about the heart, and how fragile the heart really is. I think this would make a GREAT country song. Submit it to your fave country artist if you’re in to country!


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