Feb 16 2013

A Few Words

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How is what you did my fault ?
I don’t understand how you can blame me for your faults, and sleep at night.
But then again, you probably don’t
Because I know, that if I was faced with the indecision of whether or not it was me or my partner who failed,
I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
It just intrigues me how you think that blaming me and saying that you hate me makes everything better.
Poof, its gone.
Well dear I’m sorry to inform you that who ever told you that, was and is, dead wrong.
I love how you say I’m better though
As if complementing me and saying that I’m the green grass and she’s the dead weeds, compensates for the pain you’ve showed me.
I just want you to learn
To learn that you can’t blame everyone else for your mistakes and refuse to take repsonsibility.
In this world, you need to work
And to have a thriving relationship with anyone, you need to know how to love
How to love yourself and then proceed to love others.
I can now see, that since you didn’t have enough love to give to yourself, you had none to pour over to me.

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