Aug 04 2011

A Girl Named Emily

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There was once a girl
Her name was Emily
She used to laugh
And used to play
Hell she used to sing all day

Then it happened
Just like that
in a split second
Everything went black

And there she was
lying on the floor
Blood flowing out
Staining her inner core

And lying next to her
There was a note
And inside it
She wrote…..

“Please don’t be sad,
I have always tried.
And I know deep
Down inside….

That you have never
Loved me.
Or even cared
All you wanted
Was someone there.

And in the years,
That I have lived
I can honestly say…

I tried and I tried
Just to make you happy
I put on a fake smile
And would make you happy
Even if it was for just a split sec

I can remember
The days we used to play
The hours we spent
Out in the pouring rain
And even the times
We used to sing

Then there was the times
You’d come home late
So drunk off your ass
And you’d take it out on me

After you were done
My arms covered
With bluises and blood
You’d say sorry
And cry all night long

Well anyway
I want to put all that
Behind me

And say one last time
Good bye”

And just like that
The girl named Emily
Was no more

She no longer laughs
Or plays
And all her singing went away

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3 Responses to “A Girl Named Emily”

  1. pixieon 05 Aug 2011 at 1:53 pm

    The poem itself was clumsy. But, honestly, the very last line cancels all of that out.
    It was fantastic, and extremely well chosen as far as endings go.

  2. Em0 fR3aKon 07 Aug 2011 at 5:31 pm

    thank you

  3. ladienaon 03 Oct 2011 at 1:33 pm

    that was so deep and so dark and i understand the words so clear. poor emily that she die by a man that she thought he love her . thank you ladiena

    i would love to learn how to do dark poem.

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