Feb 09 2011

A Mountain of love

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I lay in bed with tears in my eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks, soaking my pillow in the most unpleasant graceful unwanted falls. He is watching, his eyes searching holding on to my lip tremor waiting for words to form and deliver.
I don’t speak, I cannot. I am trying to hide my tears but he knows me too well and even with out the shine he sees shimmering down my cheeks he can tell by my breathing, by my clenched angry fist that I am on the verge of losing it, on the verge of balling right in front of him.
But no I will not,
I have pride and refuse to lose it. I wont lose it, not here not yet. He pulls me closer, which I hate and crave at the same torturous time. I fall into his arms his embrace of his smooth expensive shirt that is the same color of his eyes a clear ocean calming blue. I feel a force of emotion and surrender over to him that I suspect he is anticipating because he pulls me in closer and tighter, as he grabs my hair and his lips grab my lips simultaneously. I pull his blue and red striped tie closer in. I wrap it around my hand and pull him closer with a jolt of passion, my mind, body and broken heart surrender.
My emotions take over my once furious frustration is turned into lust, into wanting, and into needing, my body begs for his body and I become tangled in my arms with his legs our lips, our hips, our feet and hands searching for what is familiar, what has been missed and what screams to be touched.
Frost hits the window and reflects the bright almost full moon silhouetting over their bare ravished bodies.
As she dresses in the dark silence, only to be interrupted by him tossing and turning to find the new comfortable spot with out her warm body next to him.
One last look, before her foot hits the doorway. She takes her first breath outside as she breaths in the blast of cold unforgiving frigid taste of mountain life filling her lungs she realizes love is tough, unforgiving, and breathtaking she looks up at the mountains who are her other lovers and realizes how unforgiving, tough, and breathtaking they are. She overcomes an overwhelming emotion grabs her gear and surrenders, to the cold, tough, mountain air.

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  1. BeautifulDisasteron 10 Feb 2011 at 5:09 am

    Breathtakingly marvelous

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