Aug 16 2010

A Portrait Inspired!

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Thy Face

Hellenes transformed,
Gracian architecture
depitcted fully.

Locks of Thy Hair

beauty of Nature,
the dazzling lining of clouds
decked with tidal waves.

Thy Forehead

Hellenic orchard
dignified with vibrant thoughts,
the land of fancy.

Thy Eyes

magical dew drops
transforming the rays of love,
the seat of Cupid.

The Pupil of Thy Eyes

the source of light rays,
unfathomable power
ever to glisten.

Thy Eyebrows

arrows of Cupid,
the way of Cupid’s journey,
decked with sweet; fairies.

Thy Eyelashes

tiny butterflies
in their lovely songs of love
flutter ‘cross Cupid.

Thy Cheeks

the dreamland of love,
smiles stretched across horisons,
a character role.

Thy Ears

finely built pillars
of sound and music ringing,
melody echoes.

Thy Nose

Gracian isaland
breathing zephyr and west wind,
artistic beauty!

Thy Mouth

an ocean of smiles
imbibed deep in ebbs and tides
utterances filled.

Thy Teeth

landmarks ofbeauty,
a long stretch of daffodils
making my heart dance.

Thy Smile

so enigmatic!
a cascade of wonderland!
Monalisa reigns.

Thy Chin

Keats’ Gracian urn
decked with immortal paintins,
a way to fancy.

Thy Neck

sceptre of Cupid
decked with olive leaves and stars,
shower of beauty.

Thy Shoulders

garden of blossoms
in fragrant joy of dancing,
the Cupid’s playground!

Thy Arms

stems of magic land,
the dangling strings of roses
sailing in the breeze.

Thy Bosom

abode of beauty
Gracian architecture,
sleek philosophy.

Thy Bosom

Poetic couplet
mellifluent meldoy
sung in solitude.

Thy Hip

slender stalk of rose
worthy of admiration
sprightly perception.

Thy Legs

monumental work
in Spenserian sonnets,
poetic insight.

Thy Feet

symphonious orchestra!
awakening thoughts!

Thy Knowledge

intuitive whirlpool
law of cetrifugal force
and centripetal.

Thy Wisdom

holding all virtues
perfecting patience
inl humble meeknwaa.

Thy Thoughts

sweet-smelling shower,
notes of King David’s Lyre,
silent voice of rain.

Thy Words

silent operas
syllabically performed,
ideal logic.

Thy Breath

the voice of zephyr
blended in Nightingale’s notes,
a solace in thoughts.

Thy Heart

adorned with olive,
rich in compassion and love,
platonic chamber.

Thy Soul

sublimity felt,,
nobility abstracted,
the lasting image.

Thy Love

pristine emotions
ethically logical
proved in truthfulness.

Thy Meekness

with adoration
of the fellow-beings writ
in every gesture.

Thy Silence

serene atmosphere
abode of angels in play
sylvan woods of joy.

Thy Secret

apprehensive tale
behind Monalisa’s smile,]
Valiant virtue.

Thy Birth

a; dream of my thought
hath come true in my cradle
of living verses.

Thy Life

a music drama
sequenced in plots and stages
of tidal currents.

Thy Death

a passing shadow
misinterpreted in tears.
rebirth in mylays.

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