Mar 17 2013

A Spark Emits

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My eyes are open,
Heart is cold,
Body broken,
Growing old,

My soul is faceless,
I lie here dying,
How can I face this,
Never crying,

“Open back up!”
I scream to the mirror,
At a face corrupt,
My ears can still hear her,

I look down the hallways,
Of an empty house,
It seems as always,
Without Devout.

A spark in me flutters,
It quickly dies,
Another one starts,
I close my eyes,

Hate begins,
Depression gone,
Self suppression,
And on and on,

“Get a grip!”
I tell myself,
I’ve placed myself,
On the bottom shelf,

I walk though my house,
Like a fool without reason,
Looking for nothing,
Committing self treason,

To the point where I say,
“Enough is enough!”
“What hell is your problem!?”
“Your life’s not rough!”

“Pick up your chin,”
“It’s time to move on!”
Yet I stagger backwards,
Inspiration gone,

Then something happens,
Something worth trying,
Something to hope for,
Other than dying,

A spark emits,
My eyes then open,
No more hate,
No longer broken,

No more pain,
No more sorrow,
Gone with today,
On with tomorrow.
-Dennis Mayer

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2 Responses to “A Spark Emits”

  1. pixieon 17 Mar 2013 at 8:30 am

    I like how the verse lines have been shortened to create that quick tempo when reading. I could quote dozens of lines that I adored for unique reasons, but all I shall do is say that I very much loved this poem.
    I’ve reread it about five or six times now (I’ve lost count) and it seems to me that becomes even more riveting each time I read it.
    This is absolutely fantastic. Well done.

  2. meghan222on 17 Mar 2013 at 8:06 pm

    wow…just wow.. XD

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