May 08 2012

Admit Defeat

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A sinful man’s blood coats my hands
I’m rocking to and fro
Through everything he’s done to me
I wanted him to go

I watch the knife glint in the light
And see his lifeless eyes
I just can’t seem to understand
His look of pure surprise

What did he think? That I would fold
When faced with fear and pain?
I guess I’ve him to thank for that
These things can’t shock again

Once long ago, he’d been my friend
Or something close, at least
But that which had been pure as snow
Has turned an ugly beast

I look again, without the hate
And feel some slight regret
But even though I still love him
I must remove the threat

So up with me, I must stand tall
I cannot take the blame
I pull the body by it’s feet
And hide away my shame

“It’s over now,” I tell myself
I know I’m not okay
At least I can believe myself
For just another day

But these are lies and so am I
It’s all built on deceit
With everything been done to me
I must admit defeat

I watch the knife glint in the light
And think of what won’t be
I think I finally understand
Why nobody loves me

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2 Responses to “Admit Defeat”

  1. amanda cofflinon 17 May 2012 at 12:21 pm

    this is so weird… who is this about? 😮

  2. pixieon 17 May 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Weird in a bad way?
    It’s about whoever you interpret it to be about.

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