Jun 26 2011

Admit your beautiful

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Deep and dark they melt me at first glance, your eyes got me before I’d even had a chance.

Your hair sweeps long and dark it is fine and fair, when you pass by me I cannot help but simply stare.

Soft and milky white your skin won me without a fight. Your beauty is as great as the bright moons evening night.

My eyes betray me when they see you you they try and leave me and chase you down. When a beautiful girl is sought trust me, compared to you none are to be found.

You don’t think your beautiful your think your standard pretty. But believe me girl your sharp as a machette. Admit it, your beautiful.

You can use it as an ability or you can use as a power. I know you’ve held my gaze for the past hour.

Even the animals can’t help but stare. A dog a mouse a mare. A bear, a fish, a seagull.
Your so gorgeous there are other words to describe you. But none quite so suitable, admit, It your beautiful.

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One Response to “Admit your beautiful”

  1. pixieon 26 Jun 2011 at 7:38 am

    i read a poem a while ago, by shakespear, that was all about his love not being spectacular. her lips werent as red as a rose, her eyes not as beautiful a blue as the sea. but despite that, she was perfect to him.
    i tell u this, because after reading that, ppl who compare their loves with magnificent things just… dont work for me.
    so, in my opinion, this was a bit shallow.
    love the rhyminess, tho :p

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