Nov 12 2012


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Red…red..its covering everything
my eyes swivel over everything
Its on my bed
Its on The floor

Hes here too
just silently lying there
hes been like that since I…
what did I do?

I grip my head as the flashes come back
He entered my home
Came to my room
he attacked first

He held my down
I felt the pain
I was a doll unwound
I could hear every sound

When he stopped
I continued to cry
He smiled as
He pulled out his knife

I screamed and backed away
But it was too late
he pounced
I bled
I took the knife
and stabbed his forehead

The blood came gushing out
my bed began to squish
He lied still
Why hadn’t I died yet?

I touch my cheast
The red is flowing down
my white nightgown sticks
like after its rained

After I screamed and cried….


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