Feb 10 2013

Aimlessly Walking

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I walk around with sunken eyes while shadows bleed from me
And all this time I was a fool for thinking I’m happy.
I change direction every day, I’m walking aimlessly
Towards the sunset, and the dark, that’s where my death will be
I try and fool the others, still, but all I fool is me
Awakened in a nightmare world where pain is all I see
and what I have is not enough, it’s sad but true indeed
But now all I have is just one broken memory

on which my soul will feed and taste, and steal it all away
But I have no direction, still, I change it every day
And I have no rest in myself, below my eyes are grey
Without a shred of dignity, and nothing left to say
And though you never did loved me, to me that is okay
But nobody will rescue me, despite how long I pray
Goodbye is but one word, my dear, but please do not delay
For everything I see you in you is pain I’ve still to pay.

The past is filled with aching tears, and notions but of you
The future’s filled with agonies and tasks I’ve still to do
Today is just a shadow now, of things that I’ve gone through
And aimless walking’s all I have, my constant friend stays true
The present’s not a gift at all, it’s all just made me blue
And while I’m looking everywhere, I’ve just lost myself, too
And searching for those memories, those days involving you,
but I would just hurt myself more, but that I never knew.

And saying it was all okay was just one aching lie
For every time you talked to me, I gathered strength to cry
What use is it, if not to me? I try and try and try
I keep my eyes wide open still, I’ll sleep more when I die
And wingless creatures cannot soar, but I’ve a mind to fly
You might think I’ve gone quite insane, for all you do is sigh
but I’ve still got my wits about, and you would just deny,
since sadness cloaks itself in sin, and I whisper goodbye.

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