Jun 15 2011

All She’s Become

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She hides behind the smile she learnt to master.
No one knows the difference.
She couldn’t care less about her happiness,
She cares more for friends.
Her life now means nothing.
Without him she’s empty.
She laughs to fool them all, and every time it works.

She had everything a girl could only dream of having.
Every thing she thought she’d never have.
Before him she never knew what true love was like,
She never knew the meaning of life,
She never knew what it was like to truly live.

He taught her everything she needed to know,
Everything she needed to learn,
Everything that would eventually break her…

But now he left and all she knows of life and love is unique,
To her it means hate, pain, loneliness and abandonment.
Nothing and no one can change the way she thinks.

This is all she’s become.

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