Nov 26 2010

Always for him

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Sometimes I wish when I put my words to paper…
that they could completely describe every part of my heart
and how I feel about you..
The way you brought back to life a soul headed into decline…
Resuscitated a heart just barely breathing quickly making its
way out of this body to leave it alone with but the thoughts in its head..
Instead you show me every day that my heart beat will not faulter but
can only grow stronger with every obstacle we overcome.
I have found greater meaning to the whole scheme of my life and
not just for you but for me, for we, for us.. I want to be a better person..
I want to reach for the stars and show you all of the possabilities that
glitter from the dust that falls from them as I hold them in my hand..
I believe in us more than I have ever believed in anything in my life..
Including myself.. Now that has changed and I owe it for the most part to you..
You make me want to do the uncomfortable things that sometimes must be done
in order to reach for the light of the sun..
In the end everything I do is in the hopes that one day not just me but both of us will be happy and together..

I sometimes sit and think to myself that if only for a day I could loan my eyes to all disbelievers, deceivers, and underachievers that come and go through your life like a parade.. in the process causing what little belief you had in yourself to fall to the wayside making your journey to self-discovery and love harder to continue on.. (I beg you to always remember no matter what we go through I will never leave you behind.. My love is not blinded to your faults.. I love you despite them and hope you will do the same for me.. because after all no one in this world is perfect and I would not want a perfect man it would be too hard to live up to)

If I could I would willingly blind myself and loan all of your critics and enemies that are seemingly to you important… MY EYES so they could really see what they refuse to even try to look at.. Through the eyes of this heart you have laid claim.. they would realize how foolish their minds can sometimes be and instead of knocking someone who has been there for them .. a person who has been knocked to the ground for far too long… that they should be there to help you get back up as you would do for them.
They blind themselves with their own childish notions of how things should be and only care about what is good for them…
If they had my eyes they would see a charming, kind, sensative, misunderstood, and yes even at times a scared young man who is still desperately trying to figure out who he is and his place in this world.

I see someone who is scarred by all of the happenings of the past and yet he still tries to look past it and continue on to the better future he knows is waiting for him just around the bend.. still longing for a love that will last..
For someone who can also look beyond the past and walk hand in hand with him into the future even if it is uncertain.. to have faith and quite simply to just believe..
A person who is willing to see the facade he tends to live everyday…
A woman who will carefully see past all of his walls and measures of protection and stick around to care for him no matter what and watch as they come crumbling down…

I do not claim to know or see all but I would love to spend my lifetime getting to know one another…
Helping each other to grow..
Building each other up..
Instead of tearing each other down..

If I were to make a promise to you (And by now you know how I am about the promises I make).. that I will NEVER leave your side… all I ask is that you please believe it..
I made a choice some time ago to never leave your side and face the unknown with you but I need you to look with your heart so you can finally believe it..
I know it is scary and you dont want to be hurt..
That too is a part of love..
I made the choice to stick by your side no matter the pain we might inflict on one
another because it is far better than facing a life without you..
I know the road we will continue to travel will be hard… so far it has not been all that easy… but honestly I knew how it would be since you and I met and still here I am.. One defining difference between me and all of the rest is I am not one of those people anymore who will choose to let you walk alone because for me it would be easier.. Frankly if there is a harder road to travel that is usually the one I will choose.. in the end I know it adds strength to the person I am building myself to be..
Through everything many have seen the pain that I go through when you are not around and ask me why I keep doing it .. for me the answer is simple.. I love you…
So many advise me to run away as fast as I can and I tell them the truth.. I cannot… Even a time or two my mind when full of doubt encouraged me to find any way out to hide and save myself all this heartache and pain.. in the end it always remains the same.. my heart tells me I cannot leave.. You have and will always be worth everything I have done or ever will do.. If the people who advise me to walk away could take even the briefest of glimpses into my heart they would see a far greater pain when you are not around… and the overwhelming joy when you are that gets me through…

You may not have come to the realization yet…
Together we are all each other will ever need..
You are my best friend, soulmate, and the keeper of my heart..
I fear without you I would simply stumble and fall..
Leaving me to walk through my life like a zombie void of emotion..
We can take our time and keep it slow…
I know at times I may have traits that seem like others you have known…
However I keep praying you will realize I am actually quite unique..
Alot of people say what I am about to say and it is not true..
I swear this is not the case..
I am unique and never in your life will you ever again find anyone even remotely like me.. because quite simply its like I was tailored all along to be the one who would show you true love and that you did not have to hide…
To walk with you through life and sometimes be your guide..
I will let my heart continue to do the talking for me and I hope your heart is
Together we are strong.. if you havent noticed yet… divided we fall..

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