Jan 01 2018

Always Forever Unknown

Published by at 1:57 am under Heartbreak Poems

My gate is closed,
The door remains locked,
The blinds are all shut,
And all love is blocked,
My heart is broken,
This time for good,
Ripped from my body,
And chopped like some wood,
My mind is tired,
Uncomfortable sleep,
Tossing and turning,
Through the lies skin-deep,
My soul is missing,
And it’s really frightening,
I need a new spark,
Maybe this time some lightning,
My vision is blackness,
I see nothing but hurt,
On the surface some flowers,
Still covered in dirt,
My senses are senseless,
I’m serving my sentence,
With words filling gaps,
As I stand at a distance—
Always alone.
Always left behind.
Always forever unknown.

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