Dec 05 2011


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Teenage years and a boy is starting high-school, beauty strikes him; a girl from across the class sweeps him off his feet. She looks across to him and emits a smile. He is elated, he feels as though he could float right off his seat!
The boy smiles back; but distracted seems the girl: now talking to another. End of class; she comes to him: this is where they first meet. Too shy at the thought of rejection, the boy keeps his secret inside, and shakes her hand, as friends tend to greet.

The boy is now a man, and the girl a woman; its graduation year and their friendship, is strong.

The young man burning inside with desire, he can barely handle the heat. He will tell her tonight, but as he approaches there is a shocking sight; Her wrapped in the arms of another young man, feeling dead inside he walks off as fast as he can.

Faded have the years of youth, middle age, and he still remembers his feelings for her; as he comforts the woman through the years of abuse. The man she married takes her radiance for granted, how could one be so obtuse?
Thoughts of himself fade out with the passing of years. Outraged he enters the home one lowly night, and beats the man once for each time he has hurt his love, her husband begs for mercy now down on his knees.

The separation of beauty from the beast, has long now past, the man and woman have aged, skin as frail as parchment, they sit out there remaining days in a home; never once feeling caged.

The dawn of the next day the man sits outside underneath their favourite tree, when they were young they would climb it; just to feel free. But now he awaits his companion, picnic basket on the land and flowers in hand.
He waits all day ‘til dusk sets in, there is no sign of her, feeling low he limps back up the garden track. Shadowed by the silhouette of an equally tired tree, teasing him of the spot his picnic: uneaten; he had to repack.

Upon return, he is greeted with her swollen eyed relatives. She had a stroke, crying her son had told him: she didn’t survive the ambulance ride. Distraught, he rushed to her room. A young nurse stood making an empty bed; deep down inside he knew they hadn’t lied.
Torn apart by the news he retires to his room to weep; ignoring his stubborn pride. Without her, the sullen old man, feels empty; like a shoreline at low tide.

A week has passed and plans begin for her final departure; the reading of her will brings much surprise. A letter addressed to the broken old man; he looks down at her writing, tears begin to well in his tired eyes.
Careful to open it with sore crippled hands, he reads the note aloud. “I have always loved you, I was scared you would say no; but to spend my life with you would have made me proud.”
Letting the note slip through his fingers, the tears begin to flow.
To know she had loved him the way he had her, a feeling of despair begins to grow. A life spent together but always apart, they could have had their dream right from the start.
Following the ceremony; he is no-where in sight, people grow concerned as a search begins under the pale glow of moonlight.

Later that night he had been found, anguished the man had tried to climb their tree a final time; his body now lying still upon the ground.

Life had reclaimed its overdue lease.
Still clutching her letter tight; re-united with his one true love: together at last, resting eternally in peace.

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  1. greenygrlon 10 Dec 2011 at 4:26 am

    That was really beautiful.

  2. ne0bahamuton 19 Dec 2011 at 7:15 am

    😀 Thanyou

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