May 08 2011

An Excerpt From a Troubled Mind

Published by at 12:37 am under Sad Love Poems

I sit here and watch as the world passes me by, light fades to dark and I start to cry. Each second that passes brings sorrow and pain, each moment I watch I feel like I am going insane. That man on the corner, why is he here? Has his life just begun or is his end drawing near? Will he live to see tomorrow? Will he die as he stands? Does his life bring him sorrow with it’s many demands? A young teen with a baby, how they all look at her in scorn. Is she glad for her daughter or does she wish she was never born? Another baby brought into this world full of judgment and hate. Will this world survive to see her life unfold or are our efforts too late? As I sit here in wonder two robins flutter by, so happy in their ignorance I let out a sigh. To not know what is happening or understand we all die, ignorance is bliss, fly robins fly. The day is getting old now, the sun is nearly set. There is nothing I can do to change the future so I try not to fret. Do I believe in fate, in predetermination? Or does the course of our lives hang on a single denomination? I empty my pockets to this world built on greed, and pray to the materialistic that my soul may be freed. One day I will wake up in a meadow lush and green. To die is an adventure just beginning so now I lay down my head and dream.

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