Mar 02 2011

..and I’m not there for you

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I wake in the night
With cold sweats and tears

Something isn’t right
And I know it’s just my fears

Coming out of my mind
And projecting in real life

My shattered heart on the ground
Your back turned away from me

And slowly you walk away
Leaving me in the fray

Of darkness and cold
Of darkness and cold

Why did you leave me?
I guess that forever never really lasted..
Why did you break me?
When all I had left was my heart made of glass..

But i’m still here..
I’m still crying..

So baby why did you leave me for her?

She’s nothing but a spoiled brat
Who doesn’t know how to act

Just ask anyone she’s hurt..
And you’re next..

She will tear you down lower than you can sink..
And she will lock you up in the brink!!

Baby don’t let that happen!!
You’re too good for that!!

She’ll play with your heart..
She’ll play with your mind..
I don’t know where to start!!
Except she won’t be kind..

I’m sorry you chose that path..
I’m sorry you chose her..

But you could have had me
And not be this miserable

I tried to warn you
Don’t say I didn’t

But now you’re trapped in her twisted mind games
Trying to escape the agonizing heart break
But not finding the way out
And I’m not there to save you

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2 Responses to “..and I’m not there for you”

  1. Ebbion 22 Mar 2011 at 3:09 am

    Love it. Honestly I’m in that situation. Guys can be so blind sometimes.

  2. JMichaelG90on 04 Jul 2011 at 8:10 am

    sometimes the ladies can be blind to i’m a guy and going through the same ;-(

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