Mar 23 2011

Angry Tears are Forever

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There’ll always be a time when the anger in you boils over,
Sometimes as a fist through the wall,
Other times as a bucketful of tears.
These are not tears from weeping you find on my paper.
They are angry tears, burning tears.
Flowing fast and furious, they create a shadow over my heart.
Tears of venomous hate,
Poured into a chalise as a treasure.
My tears are a treasure, but he never seemed to realize that.
Every strand of hair on my head is a gift,
The very air I breathe is special, as are the things I touch.
I’m a gift to this world, and to the one above,
But nothing anyone ever said made him able to see that.
Now he gets tears of his own, shed for his sake.
Lets see how he likes it, when he learns I shed tears for him.
Special or no, the tears are here, and they’ll never be gone.
Not now, not ever. Angry tears are forever.
Maltreated and despised:
How could the world let this happen to me?
Punishment to the earth; it feels my tears as they fall,
And the tears will never leave the earth,
Because angry tears are forever.

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