Jul 20 2012

Anxiety to Praise You, Love

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My prevailing condition is unanswered
Leaving the chivalrous words for you suffocated in me
Without being plunged out nor being erased from memories
Sweet honey struggling in the colonies of the apiaries

So wished to tender your heart with my praise
Afraid your angelic face would not be sought by my thirsty eyes
As soon as you would travel away from me
Cracking me under the soot of the scorching Sun
Only you would know that my efforts aren’t detriments
As love plays an eminently melodious musical instrument

Gorgeous, is never concrete enough
To buttress the beauty of you, moonbeam
But you will sense the implicitness behind it
If and only if, you’re meant for me
And I know you are indeed!

By now,
Fluttered, your partially teary eyes would’ve been
Flattered, your totally tender heart could’ve been
Glittered, your ecstatic feelings should’ve been
And flitted, your murderous dolorous feelings would’ve been
The moment you inhale my praise into your life
And the seconds you hover my heart of you

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One Response to “Anxiety to Praise You, Love”

  1. Anonymouson 24 Jul 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Hmm…you have spoken about my life 😀

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