Sep 11 2011

Apocalyptic Fate(just another Cheesy love story)

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I am the very pain in you heart,
In fact I am the bullet lodged in your chest.
I am the gun that put it there.
I am the hand that fired the shot,
And I am the very mind that stumbled upon the idea.

But you brought this upon yourself,
And though you knew that from the start Yet you still chose me.
Of all the colours of the rainbow,
You picked the darkest shade of black.

I am the very evil who will not only stab you in the back,
I will break your spine with my teeth,
And have the nerve to kiss you
My mouth still full with your flesh.

I will be the one to wake you with the sunrise,
And caress your fragile mind,
While I inject you with my venom.
And while I calm you when you cry in your sleep,
I will steal your overflowing heart.

I infect every moment of your being,
Even in your sleep.
But I would stop the sun from setting ,
If it meant I missed a moment,
Of seeing you.
Because you ween me from my toxins
And although its truely shattered your mending all the peices of my tiny broken heart.

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One Response to “Apocalyptic Fate(just another Cheesy love story)”

  1. serena93on 13 Sep 2011 at 9:15 am

    woops, “And though you knew that from the start Yet you still chose me.”
    doesnt make sense haha sorry folk, the ‘yet’ was and accident 😛

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