Jan 26 2012


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A night so cold,a room so dark
You don’t know why,but it affects your heart
Your knees go weak,your vision fades
Your heart pounds,your life’s arrayed

So cold and alone,so lonely and afraid
He’s left you now,so you lose your way
Your only life,your only home
Don’t listen to them,pick up the phone

Call your parents,beg them to take you back
Hurry now,before those Vicous people attack
It’s all his fault,he made you blow it
But you know it’s your fault,so go on and quit

Quit lying to yourself,stop fueling the fire
Just let go,it’s not him you desire
You want to be loved,loved with a fire and flame
But he just wants you,to take all the blame

The blame for his drugs,his lies,his deceit
he had a girlfriend,but kept it descrit
Made you take the blame,made you tell the lies
So it was you,you everyone despised

Theyll take you back,So once again apologize
For all the pain, for all the lies
Love your life,and forget about him
And if he comes back,don’t let him win

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