Feb 06 2015


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I’m unlovable, uncaring, and distant
No, none of that’s true
I just need a reason for it’s existence
I need a “why”?

I’ve felt it since I was young
That distance between the world and I
Fuzzy, yet distinguishable
The wall that was placed around myself

I didn’t exactly build it
Perhaps maybe it was always there
The reason why my body lusts
But my mind rejects the thought

It’s not as simple as not wanting to
Not being able to, physically unable
Being sickened by touches or looks
All around me I see the “Whys”?

I get so sick, I shake
Run away, cry
Nothing I can take
My breaths begins to quake

Genophobia, I’m afraid
Maybe it’s the cause
I tell my friends asexuality
In case one of them falls

Am I so strange to not understand
Why people want to hold hands
And kiss and touch
I like hugs, but I suppose that’s not much

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  1. Xavieraon 06 Nov 2017 at 2:30 am

    This is fantastic

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