About: Kali Kills

Full Name
Kaliko Yoshida
I am just a lonely girl. A lonely girl who loves music and almost every type of art. I'm an artist, a blogger, a singer, and a musician. Yes, I have a Tumblr. kalikills.tumblr.com When I'm with friends I'm energetic and crazy and random and weird, but no one knows that I am truly deep.. I have a dark side that not many know about. (not like a murdered somebody -_-). By that I mean that I am very mysterious and deep. I'm depressed a lot, and currently going to therapy. My ambition is to become the lead singer of a famous rock band (already in a band, but we aren't famous) and also be a photographer at the same time. I love anime, dubstep, rock, soft rock, alternative rock, hard rock, metal, screamo, techno, Jpop, Jrock, kpop, krock, drawing, video games, super heroes, and a lot of things normal girls don't really like. I dress dark, and I'm an ex-emo, but that's behind me. I hope you like my poems... Oh. And I'm a ninja >:3

Poems by Kali Kills: