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jake aller
John (Jake) Cosmos Aller is a retired US Diplomat living in Incheon, South Korea and Ashland, Oregon. He retired in 2016 to pursue a third career as a full-time writer. He writes poetry, short stories, novels, and music. He has worked in over 10 countries during his 28-year diplomatic career and has traveled to 45 countries, and 49 US States. He is married, with no children. He was born and grew up in Berkeley, California. He graduated from the University of the Pacific and did a MA and MPA at the University of Washington prior to joining the diplomatic corps. He served in the Peace Corps in Korea which ignited his life long fascination with all things Korean, which lead to his obtaining an MA degree in Korean history and serving in South Korea and on the Korea desk in DC. he looks forward to becoming a published writer. He has published poetry on line but is still waiting to get his novels and fiction published.

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