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Tara Who'askinq
Two really good poems done in one day ? :) Woo-Hoo! Proud of myself :D Please go read them. They'll be up in a few days! The first one is titled : Please Read. Really good poem : HEARTBREAK SO COLD.</3 *Its cateriogized under " Heartbreak Poems " The second one is titled : When im with you ... * Its caterogized under " Forever Love Poems " Pretty, pretty pleeeaasee read them. I know im only 13 but i think i have true potential to be a great poem writer! :) Thanks! A little about me, you ask ? Well im 13 & i have had my heartbroken. I mean who hasnt? :"/ But i made it through thanks to God & his love for me. I am a strong beleiver in Christ & i love him very much. No one or nothing comes before him. Imma cool person to be around. I always keep a smile no matter what im going through. Im the kind of girl that can brighten your day before i even have the chance to brighten mine :) Please read my poems & i'll return the favor. Thanks! :)

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