Dec 28 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Published by at 11:59 am under Betrayal Poems

Beautiful serenity
Inhumane humanity
Destruction of all we love
Separate from all above
Crying we hide away
Hiding from the light of day
Keeping all our secrets
No one could believe it
Answering to no master
Beautiful disaster
Destroying all we create
All arguments and debates
Peace does not exist to us
Cause we hold back all our trust
Open hearts, let them free
But we will never let them be
Open minds, and explore
Let us learn a bit more
Look beyond the outer side
Look into the inside
Can’t we all get along
And understand that we are wrong
Can’t we just give up the fights
And understand whats really right
Listen to my feeble cries
And start to ask the question why
We are our own master
Such a beautiful disaster

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One Response to “Beautiful Disaster”

  1. robynon 10 Mar 2014 at 12:04 am

    Beautiful.Truly Beautiful. 😀

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