Apr 20 2011

Beauty She Is

Published by at 12:58 pm under Sad Love Poems

She is the cool breeze. She is the night sky.

She is the calming roar as clouds rush on by.

The gentle rain, the cozy bed,

the lulling music in my head.

The quenching water, the crackling fire

the break from work when I tire,

she is all these things to me

cause in them all I felt beauty.

But because she isn’t here

those feelings have disappeared

and pure, deafening, sorrow takes it’s place

dreadful to feel, lethal to face.

So I see the gorgeous waterfall, I see the brilliant structures

and I feel nothing but sorrow. This searing love punctures

and untainted passion spills into the sky

while a pale, weak, being begs for God to let him die.

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