Apr 09 2012

became emo when I lost you

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when i had your love i was happy there was nothing wrong with me i had no feeling in side but loving you now that your gone i feel lost the cuts on my arms are from missing you i found you on facebook after loseing your number to try and explane why what happend happend but your married now and i feel so lost i need you by side even as friend but your not there im screaming on the fucking inside making no since to myself as why in screaming on the in side but i am screaming im breaking like a million of pices have broken baby why did this happen why did we split up i wasnt perfect i couldnt be perfect for you baby come back i know i messed up give another chance even though you cant give me another chance thats what i feel inside but imma move on im going to find love i cant keep on pulling myself down just because i miss you i met a guy he is nice but we will never be together i gusse im not pretty enughe to get a boyfriend after you left ive been alone but i still my scares ive finally stoped cutting my two bestfriends helped at least they and my family love me baby i dont a need a guy in my life to make me happy they just get me in troble oh i hope your happy with your wife she is really pretty i gusse she gives you love i cant give you or dose what you say wear what you tell her to wear dont talk to guys and give all her guy friends up just bc you say to have fun i hope you the best in life love your ex

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  1. Chelseaon 27 Apr 2012 at 12:47 pm

    i really like this a lot !!!

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