Sep 11 2011

Because this life is absurd

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Untangle my fingers,
From these sundried veins.
A drunken native
Wanders directionless across the land.
I whisper apologies because this life is
While the rain clears
the puddles are swimming
Around my feet.
Possiblities grow
As you catch me
Before I even consider the journey to fall.
Thick poison ivy
has a tight grip on the infants throat
And we find eachother
In the flaming curls of the sun.
We row boats in a pool of blood
Shed by the youth destroyed.
The dark eyes of fate
Catch foriegn lovers off guard.
And the medication had promised,
With its ak47 to kill the pain.
And so it was the children raised from a crack pipe,
Feed our flesh.
Stripping our chances of a summers storm.
I’ll keep you close
Intoxicated from your kisses
And the sweet cheap wine
cheekily twirling its way down my throat.
We brush off misery
From our dusty unloved lips.

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