Aug 15 2011

Beer laced breath

Published by at 11:18 am under Dark Love Poems

Hit the bottle,
‘Till the emotions wash down,
Be hysterical,
The laugh around town.
Abuse my veins
Untill it numbs the pain,
‘Cause I fell in love,
Fell face first,
Now I’m on the ground
Screaming new ways
Of how to feel right again.

I am the toxins
In his mind.
The bitter taste
When he wakes.
Not one to be forgotten,
After all Im the one
With bloodstained knees,
Once for pleasing you
Now to begging you,
Reduce my suffering,
Bleed me please.
A sobering mess,
If thats what it needs.

Falling from this warped pirch we made.

Its been days now,
And I’m the one fogging up
The windows alone,
Pleasing myself
Because no one else will.
This is the to love I can find,
Crying acid tears
Touching myself,
Because when we lost our love,
Away went my womanhood,
And fragile pride,
Perhaps they linger with you?
But all I know is
I lost all my sense
With my beer laced breath

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