Nov 23 2010

Before and After

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Just to have thought how good of a person you were I’ve come to realize that you are the same but love is everything you never were.

Blind on your own.

Feelings for another never would’ve grown.

Though I knew how much you’d learned from me, my voice, you never heard or seen.
Because wisdom swung on me in every which way, I knew something was up when you couldn’t say…I Love You, but you wanted me to part my lips and promises everlasting love with you; I could never be that dumb ass fool.

They say look for trouble and you shell seek, well I don’t mind when some already had a peek of love and I have yet to find.

Do I maintain that feel or do I patch up every seal?

Love is different; it seems that many are out to get you, it’s real life and sometime I am afraid of me too.

New seasons ready to fall, babies ready to crawl infants are birth into a family that they never knew at all.

I already knew that I was your BEST, you didn’t show it but you told me in the beginning of the test, so now that we are apart I may rest.

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