Sep 20 2010

Before Him

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Before him I didn’t really cry or listen to sad music.
Before him I never woke up screaming from a nightmare at night.
Before him I never wrote depressing poems.
Before him I could breathe.
But now he is gone. He was mine & then just left.
After him I cry more & listen to sad music, I wake up screaming from nightmares at night, & I write depressing poems.
After him I died.

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2 Responses to “Before Him”

  1. shyanon 10 Nov 2010 at 8:34 pm

    There is no need for death):
    Death is such a scary thing:/
    I know that you loved this person alot,
    i can tell in your word’s):
    “Sometime’s letting go is the hardest thing,
    you’ve ever had to do”
    This poem has emotion and meaning(:

    “This is a poem that i wrote, it’s hurt’s me everytime i read it.”

    SHOULD I, let him continue hurting me?
    SHOULD I, leave him and handle being alone?
    SHOULD I, cry all the time just cause his lie’s?
    SHOULD I, just stand there and act likie I’m okay?
    SHOULD I, plunge this razor into my chest, and die…
    ………………i should</3

    Next time you think about him/her, and you feel sad
    just think about how he/she left you for someone who
    was just a tease and a nobody((:
    Your a somebody and if you get left behind just stand,
    right back up and fight you way outta the "battlefield".

  2. LiLion 21 Feb 2011 at 11:03 pm

    It’s just like the way i feel 🙁

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