Mar 03 2011

Before you

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i used to think of death & sucide
then i meant you
before you
i didnt care
if the world blew up & everyone died
i wouldnt give a damn
if we all exploded
it would just be another event
i never shed a tear
i never loved anyone
before you
i just sat in my room alone & wished for death
my blood went thin
from the lost
you seen my scars & instantley cared
you rushed to my side & begged me not to do it
you didnt know me
but you wanted to
i told you about my life
i must of warned you a million times
i told you my life was over before it even begun
no one even cared about me
as much as you
it never made sense for you to love me
bcause i never loved myself
in the beginning i didnt care
you tried to love me
but i always pushed you away
you would always come back
i told you i didnt care
but still you never left my side
i relized i could love you, i could care
before you
i didnt give a damn
everytime a car went by i jumped infront
but you cared for me
you always did
you said you always would
im alive today because
you always cared
& i love you to this very day

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