Aug 07 2011

BFF Love

Published by at 3:35 am under Teenage Love Poems

Best friends
Roaming the streets
Careless teenagers
Waving to the people they meet

One hugs the other
They feel something is there
It all feels right
Everything together seem more than fair

They decide to keep walking in their embrace
Even when people look and stare
Nobody will ever break them apart
And for haters they won’t ever care

They’ve waited so long
They’ve held everything deep inside
Now it all pours out
Their faces gushing out pride

So much time lost
All wasted
So many moments they could’ve enjoyed together
Makes their every move hasted

They’re young
And so naive
But they have each other
So, when in doubt, they can believe

Everything perfect
Nothing else can match this power
And like a granny’s garden
Their hearts are filled with love and flowers

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