Oct 06 2010


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Bitching and bitching,
That is all you hear.
Bitching and more bitching,
As you cover your ears.
“Can’t you do anything right?!”
I guess not.
“Get out of my sight!”
Ok, sure, why not?
Bitching and bitching…
Oh, please, shut up.
I’m tired of all this noise,
I’m tired of you on my back!
Yell and scream,
Go right ahead.
Just like you did when you were having me,
On that hospital bed.
You shouldn’t have had me,
You knew what was comming.
And now you yell and complain,
Of how I am such a pain.
Bitching and bitching,
Keep going.
Bitch and bitch some more,
because I’m the one who’s not listening.

This post was submitted by Selena.

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