Jun 29 2011

Blind Before You

Published by at 1:45 am under Betrayal Poems

You presented me with black roses full of thorns
And I took them ‘coz I was blind before you
Didn’t feel the bleeding hands
Only your lips against mine
Didn’t know how poisonous you were
So I kissed you hard
And after you had lifted your camouflage cover
I still couldn’t see your true colors
You had blinded me by your icy love
And I was trapped inside your hurricane heart
I had become a dead swan struggling to breathe
Or was I just a person hard to believe?

This post was submitted by Trisha Runel.

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One Response to “Blind Before You”

  1. pixieon 29 Jun 2011 at 7:23 am

    Nothing rhymes. Just the last bit. That served to emphasize the ending well.
    I would have changed the title, though…

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