Jul 25 2010

Bouquets Full of Love

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Gentle in a loving bloom
Perfume that can fill a room
Velvet petals that embrace
The warmth, the smile upon your face.

Fragrance floating on the breeze
Kisses sent to you from me
Silken touch upon the skin
A depth of love the heart begins.

Sultry in the summer air
Beauty far beyond compare
There is no love that can compete
Because with you my life’s complete.

Feel the kiss of sweet bouquets
A breath of life in vast array
A velvet touch, a soft caress
This beauty with which I’ve been blessed.

Tendrils whisper in the breeze
As petals bounce on stormy seas,
And though the tide draws ever near
Still our love survives the years.

Flowers cherished by the hands
That somehow always understands
When traces of them shed their tears
A velvet touch to calm the fears.

Petals traced by love’s design
Withstanding now the tests of time
Glistening in the morning sun
When two hearts shall beat as one.

Reflections of a life we see
Together, it’s just you and me,
Embraced within the sweet perfume
Of bouquets in love’s full bloom.

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