Sep 10 2012

Break my heart

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“Break my heart for what breaks yours.”
The words are much too true
It seems that you were always right;
I forced my pain on you

So tell me, then, how do i fix
The thing i broke with hate
Is there even hope for us?
I fear it’s much too late

But even now, as I still cry
I wonder how you are
I cannot pray to God these days
So I wish on the stars

I hope that you are doing well
I hope you sleep at night
I wonder if you think of me
I hope that you’re alright

Sometimes, in thought, I talk to you
And you do not hate me
But then the daydream shatters
And I’m hit with reality

I need to stop and fix myself
Before I come to plea
And when I’m well, I’ll talk to you
And you will care for me

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