May 04 2011

Broken Promise

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You said we would be together forever
What happen ?
We made a promise to love each other
I kepted my promise
Why didnt you ?
You broke my heart and you dont even care
You ask why i ignore you or Why were not friends
It’s cause i CANT be friends with somebody i LOVE
You moved on so quickly , When we broke up
Its like you had a back you , i felt like
Some shit . Like did it have to happen to me
Well i know why now because everything happens for a reason
and i cant change that , no matter how much i try
All im doing right now is learning form My MISTAKES !

This post was submitted by Preddie Doll Face.

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One Response to “Broken Promise”

  1. OneandOnlyon 05 May 2011 at 8:51 pm

    I Love it , this is EXACTYLY waht happened to me !!!
    I feel you buddie<\3

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