Mar 03 2013


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wind is still blowing
but it’s just not the same.
’cause no snow is falling,
now who’s to blame?

even though
the sun is shining
i’m not happy.
not today.

maybe tomorrow,
i might just feel okay.

Darling. i miss you.
i regret that night so much.
my heart aches and is torn
between the choice i long to make and trust.

and i hate myself
even more
when i have to sit down and really think
whether to come home now or live apart.

yes. they’re nice people
but i have no chains to re-connect my heart.
because my Darling, those chains,
that we were connected by
were so savagely torn apart.

And now i live
with half my life.
always so eager, to depend on a knife.
i carve my skin, and starve myself
i just can’t seem to stop.

please, a hand,
someone see.
but no eyes open.
no-one dares to try and save me.

not here, i’m alone.
you’re the only breathe i breath.
you’re my only reason to live
when the world,
has pulled me to my knees.

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