Feb 05 2011

Bright and Shining

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How is it possible?
That after years of loving without reserve, I’m finally being loved back?
Day after day I saw you with other girls.
I tried not to interfere and make your life difficult.
I even saw you with my best friend.
She didn’t love you the way I did, and you suffered because of it.
Have you finally turned around and seen that I’m the one who was always after your heart?
How could it have taken so long?
I thought that no one could love the true me, or even the fake me.
My mind was tormented; dragged helplessly into the bottomless ocean.
None of that matters now.
You’re all I see, and for today I’m the only one you see as well.
Any place I am, I can feel the gravity of you pulling me closer.
Time seems to have no meaning; it’s been a week and it feels like six months.
When you’re not with me I picture your face to keep me together.
When you are with me I look deep into your eyes so I’ll never forget them.
How can my life seem so amazing now you’re a part of it.
I’ll always remember the time I was depressed beyond comfort,
But now I only feel it as a distant memory.
Your love envelopes me, and when the monsters come back, I hide in your arms where it’s safe.
The past is gone; the road ahead is bright and shining.
I don’t ever want you to leave me.

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  1. BeautifulDisasteron 16 Feb 2011 at 7:42 am

    This is beautiful. It made my heart cry out in pain for a second because reminds me of how I felt about 2 months ago. So unbelievably happy.. Wonderful.

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