Jul 09 2011

Brighter Side of Death

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At lest help me recover
Coz all you gave me was pain
All I’m asking you to fix my puzzle pieces
Coz you have them in your lane

Don’t refuse to give them back
They are mine
You can’t have what you want
You should’ve thought before when you made me cry

We made our hearts one
So now its gonna hurt when I take it back
I’m not worried about me
You’ve taken all feelings that I had

Now you are gonna feel
What its like to be inconsolable
I don’t wanna make you cry
But you leave me no choice

This ain’t revenge
Just reaction to your own deeds
I can’t hold you now
Coz you weren’t there in the times of need

You set a trap for me to fall in
But didn’t know you get lost yourself
I can see you struggling
I want to jump right in to help

I don’t wanna go through your kinda love again
But I can’t help it
All I can do now is kill myself
Its your mistake but I’m suffering the bit

So just shoot me
Coz I ain’t got the courage
Is it gonna hurt? I don’t know
But I’ll be outta your cage

This post was submitted by Trisha Runel.

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One Response to “Brighter Side of Death”

  1. pixieon 09 Jul 2011 at 11:13 pm

    I wish someone would shoot me. It seems so much easier. It won’t help, though. It’s not the right solution. To any problem.
    You and I both know that, I think.
    Amazing poem – very descriptive, expressive and powerful. The rhyming was good. And the last stanza was completely riveting. The set up was good, as was the meaning, which was easy to relate to and very clearly stated.
    Great job.

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