Oct 09 2010

Broken Promises

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Do you promise to have and to hold
Til death do you part?
You said, “I do”
And that was the start.
The start of broken promises
A string and not just one.
The start of broken promises
How I wish there had been none!

Do you promise that you love me?
Will we grow old together as one?
You said, “Of course I love you, Honey!”
“You are my moon and my sun.”
Another broken promise
This one a little harder than the last.
Another broken promise
I just have to put it in the past.

One day you came home early
And the house just wasn’t clean.
You’d had a bad day at work.
The first time I saw you mean.
The first slap, the first push
The first bruise upon my arm.
The first time you called me “stupid”
Should have set off an alarm.

But, you held me in your arms
And you told me how much you care.
I couldn’t bring myself to leave you.
How could I? Did I dare?
Do you promise never to hit me?
Never again! I don’t like to bleed!
You said, “I’m so sorry baby”
“Never again…if that’s what you need!”

Yet, another broken promise
This one even more painful than before.
Yet, another broken promise
But, I couldn’t just walk out the door.
You kept telling me I was stupid
A failure, ugly, a fat cow.
You told me I was nothing without you
Nobody would want me…not now.

Nobody wants a coward.
Nobody wants a stupid ole mule.
Not even your parents will take you.
If you think so, you’re a fool.

My life was spent in solitaire.
Two jobs and not one friend.
Life with you was more than miserable.
I decided it must end.
End…all of the pain
Both physical and with words.
End it all if I had to
Let my soul soar just like the birds.

Do you promise to keep her
Both in sickness and in health?
Your words were, “I do”
But, your actions gave me doubt.
Another broken promise
All I want to do is die.
Another broken promise
Something simple…let me fly.

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