Jun 28 2012

Butterfly Went Bad

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Writing on your hands,
Butterfly went Bad.
Lost in the cuts
you place on your legs.

Feeling bad
Feeling sorry
can’t do anything,
but write this poem.

So useless,
but i won;t give up
cause you’re truly
my best friend
and deserve
more than all my love.

Please don;t hurt,
and no longer cry.
Cause everytime you kille
a new born Butterfly
i die inside a little more
each time.

Give me your self inflicted hurts,
hand me your pain/
I’ll stand by you
and fight all your tears away.

Take my hand,
stop putting yourself down
you’re worth too much
and deserve to be happy
to hold a real smile.

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One Response to “Butterfly Went Bad”

  1. Trisha Runelon 29 Jun 2012 at 9:09 am

    i really loved the meaning of ur poem….but its poetry so u have to make it poetic !!!!….love the title 🙂

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