Jul 22 2010

Buying Time

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Unwanted trains of thought
Steam whistles in my skull
Maybe I really can’t cut it
Can my edge have grown so dull
Thought that on my own
I could make it fall in line
Burning the last of my midnight oil
And still I’m running out of time

The truth distorted
Just a little white lie
Living on pure hope
Surviving on alibis

Not trying to corner the market
Know I’m only buying time
Not bothering with the fine print
Just show me where to sign
Not trying to change the past
Just trying to buy some time
‘Cos everything is slipping away
And I only want what’s mine

If I could only have a day
Released from all this stress
Know that I could figure out a way
From beneath this twisted mess
Trying to hang-on and hang-out
But man I’m running out of rope
Gotta get a fire lit – Under my ass
Before it all goes up in smoke

Painted into a corner
Should I wait for it to dry
Buckle-down, and buckle-up
Or should I just say goodbye

I’m not waiting for a miracle
I’m only buying time
Trying to fix a broken heart
With Band-Aids and iodine
Know that there’s no pot of gold
To fund this spending spree
But maybe for a little while
I can live the fantasy

Will time dim this light of love
Oh can’t time close this book
Buying time to change the picture
Until I need another look…

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2 Responses to “Buying Time”

  1. Nadineon 03 Aug 2010 at 3:31 pm

    This is amazing… Props! The metaphors are intense and vivid, don’t stop writing x

  2. Pauloon 09 Aug 2010 at 6:21 am

    this would make for a great acoustic song. or maybe something that sounds like breaking Benjamin or crossfade

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