Jun 26 2011

Call me something I’m not

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You can dress me up and parade me around town like some pretty little doll or a silly faced clown.

You can tell your friends I’m an awesome possum who’s always ready to party, and tell them I’m a chill dude who’s a real smartie.

But none of those words have any real meaning so you can tell your friends to take a seating.

I don’t care what anyone thinks I love you and that’s that. If your friend’s or you don’t like it then “adios” I’ll take off my hat.

But if you truly love me you’ll forget who see’s and pretend it’s just you and me.

If you love me like I love you.You shouldn’t have to worry about what your friends think about me, because inn the end its just trouble in an endless sea.

You can call me something I’m not; super strong, brilliant, or funny. But In the end those words depend on how you want this to end honey. So go ahead, call me something I’m not.

This post was submitted by Josiah Goodman.

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One Response to “Call me something I’m not”

  1. pixieon 26 Jun 2011 at 7:42 am

    the second verse was a bit ungainly and awkward
    the rest was great, tho
    ending r important – i loved urs
    oh, and, the meaning was brilliant
    really awesum

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