Jun 23 2011

Can i just be with you nan

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I can’t sleep,
Every night, there will be a tear,
I need you to hold me,
I need you here.

I will cry every night,
just wishing you were the one,
to hold me tight.

But you’ve died,
and i wish i died too,
i wish it would happen,
i just want to be with you.

I’m trying my best to make you proud of me,
I’ve always wanted to make you happy.
But now i see,
what a fail i can be.

I know you can see me,
you watch me everday,
but i cant care anymore,
you’re too far away.

It’s nearly your birthday,
do you know how much this kills,
All this pain building up inside me,
that all i can feel.

Can i just be with you … nan

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One Response to “Can i just be with you nan”

  1. Roshiny Thomason 03 Jul 2011 at 8:07 am

    its a nice poem… one can feel that sorrow, loneliness and regret reverberate in every line.. very touching indeed…

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